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Snowkite Scuola 


privat contact (PL ENG RUS):

+48 739 437 747

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Training and courses in the snow ️:

* GSS (Group Snowkiting Training) - coaching, advice, support and inspiration "how to manage a kite in the snow ️" (using foil kites, safety rules, rules of riding in various mountain areas and spots)

❗GSS is not a learning from scratch❗

GSS is a free Snowkite Camp training - you must have your own kite equipment or we offer rental (paid)

** ISS (Individual Snowkiting Training) is for individuals who already know the basis, but are not sure or have their first contact with the kite and want to learn the basics of Kitesurfing through Snowkiting (the best and shortest way to success) from Zero to Snowkiter (Hero)

Cost of 1 lesson:

✔️120 € / 2h in group (2 ppl)

✔️160 € / 2h individually
Depending on individual abilities and previous skills, you might need from 1 to 3 lessons - how many? ... you can decide during the course.

The price of the ISS includes equipment (kite, harness), instructor, radio communication and insurance for the course duration.

What will you know after the course:
  • How wind works in the mountains
  • Safety rules
  • How to prepare and secure a kite
  • Independent launch and landing
  • Relaunch and Stand Up
  • How to effectively use a weak wind
  • Strong wind - a chance or a threat
  • How to ride with Kiteloops in mountains, or how to 'climb' a hill
  • Wind window in changeable terrain, i.e. differently uphill / downhill
  • Jumping: Where, How and When?


FAQ - the most frequently asked questions:

⁉️ "Is Snowkiting Safe?"
We teach and ride on flat, safe surface as well as on fresh and soft snow, avoiding hard ski slopes
IMPORTANT‼: only with experienced riders and instructors !!! So YES, snowkiting is SAFE
⁉️ "Do I need to be able to do ski / snowboarding?"
This is not necessary, the same if you learn kitesurfing, you do not need to have a prior experience in wake, windsurfing or skateboarding ... In this case, you will learn Snowkiting and snowboard!
⁉️ "Do I need to know Snowkite?"
We offer Snowkiting training under the supervision of experienced instructors, with us you will start riding after 4-5 hours!
⁉️ "Is learning Snowkiting (in the snow) more difficult than learning Kitesurfing (on water)?"
As said above, you can catch up with Snowkiting in 4-5 hours, in comparison to around 10-12 hours on the water!
⁉️ "Will learning Snowkiting help me improve Kitesurfing?"
Once you learn Snowkiting, you only need one hour on the water to start kitesurfing!
⁉️ "Do I need my ski equipment?"
You should bring ski equipment, such as: skis / snowboard, helmet, gloves, ski clothing ...
⁉️ "Do I need to bring my own kites?"
We rent the BEST Snowkiting Kites.
⁉️ "Do I need ski passes for ski lifts?"
Snowkite means Freedom!!! ... free from the lifts, ski slopes, etc. ...
Please note, some spots require to take a lift but we have a solution for You: a single entry ticket, that costs between 5 to 10 EUR (20-50 PLN).
⁉️ "Can I also ski / snowboard on normal pistes while participating in Snowkite Camp?"
You can ski independently in any ski resort of your choice (you can come with us or by ski bus)
Ticket prices depending on the resort from 38 € to 64 € per day!
The pass is not included in the trip price.
⁉️ "Can I attend the Snowkite Camp without renting a room in your Hotel?"
The cost of participation in SC will be then:
€ 100 / person, with your own car and transfer of equipment;
€ 200 / person including our transfer of equipment/people to the lifts.
⁉️ "Testing a kite" for free "means I can ride all day long"
You can test kites for a max 30-min., so that each participant can benefit it!
For the whole day you can rent any kite as per to the price list!
⁉️ "How much does it cost to rent Snowkiting equipment?"
Kite, bar (+ harness and leash):

1h 30 €
2h + 20 €
3h + 5 €
Half a day (up to 4 hours) 60 €
Full day (up to 8 hours) 70 €
Half a week (3 of 4 days) 180 €
A week (6 of 7 days) 360 €




Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

+48 739 437 747 – Mirosław Yano Wesołowski


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